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Renting Vs owning a house

Posted: January 16, 2011 in people

Hmm where to start? Well this post is about Renting verses owning a home. I thinking owning a house is much easier. First off  you don’t have to worry about finding mold when you own a house. Ok ya you do, but a person would think the owner would pay someone to get rid of the mold. If you rent you have to worry about telling  your landlord that you think he’s got a case of mold. If he is a paki and doesn’t care then you either have to look for a new place to live or pay a fee and get a home inspector in. Nowadays the government makes it so darn hard to mortgage a place.  Take into account people with bad credit. They have a tough time  getting their own house. Also another thing is Renter’s want to charge whatever they want for a place basically the size of a box. I have seen places for rent 550 sq feet for over $1000 dollars a month. That’s just ridiculous. There should be a cap on how much people can charge to rent their place out. Maybe the government should crack down on the creditor’s  and make it so there is only a certian amount of debt that happens in North America. What do you think??


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Posted: September 29, 2010 in people

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New Place

Posted: August 22, 2010 in people

We have found a new place. It’s fairly big in size. Lol I’m talking about a place to rent ( not size of  a mans parts) . Only thing is it does not have a door that locks. The landlord and his wife live upstairs. That’s ok though, because my boyfriend and myself can buy one of those panels to put across. Yay we are saving money. Have to give away our 5-year-old Ragdoll cat though, it’s so sad.  Thinking of getting a kitten as soon as we buy our own house. which should be our nice big  Christmas present to ourselves. anyways that is our update for you guys.