Renting Vs owning a house

Posted: January 16, 2011 in people

Hmm where to start? Well this post is about Renting verses owning a home. I thinking owning a house is much easier. First off  you don’t have to worry about finding mold when you own a house. Ok ya you do, but a person would think the owner would pay someone to get rid of the mold. If you rent you have to worry about telling  your landlord that you think he’s got a case of mold. If he is a paki and doesn’t care then you either have to look for a new place to live or pay a fee and get a home inspector in. Nowadays the government makes it so darn hard to mortgage a place.  Take into account people with bad credit. They have a tough time  getting their own house. Also another thing is Renter’s want to charge whatever they want for a place basically the size of a box. I have seen places for rent 550 sq feet for over $1000 dollars a month. That’s just ridiculous. There should be a cap on how much people can charge to rent their place out. Maybe the government should crack down on the creditor’s  and make it so there is only a certian amount of debt that happens in North America. What do you think??


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